June 06, 2020
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Homeschooling Mom shares 15 years Experience
This Homeschooling Mom schooled her three children from Kindergarten through High School. The first to leave the nest is a Junior at Penn State, and on the Dean's list. More ...

A $400 Per Minute Doctor's Visit
A few months ago, this father's four-year-old son bit off and swallowed a prong from a plastic fork. After some misapplied advice, and a short hospital visit, he learns some of the ins and outs of medical billing. More...

Die Well - and live to fight again
It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in March.  There’s a brisk nip in the air in this urban park in West Philadelphia.  What a lovely day for a good death. More...

Local Teens start Web Comic
Um ... OK. This one is out there it's true. But there's some real creativity going on, and our local youths are at the heart. More...

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